Guided Independent Study in Calligraphy (4 Sessions)



Guided independent study in calligraphy on a topic of your choice. Includes 4 online sessions.

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After you have purchased your Guided Independent Study, you will gain access to a short online questionnaire regarding your experience level and your desired goals. Once you have completed the questionnaire, Maryanne will contact you to discuss your independent study course and schedule your online sessions.

Purchasing this as a gift? Upon purchase, you will receive a link to download a certificate that can provide to your gift recipient. It also contains instructions for them on how to get started with their sessions. 

Completely customized learning—this is a unique study opportunity to improve all aspects of your calligraphy. Guided by Maryanne Grebenstein and conducted virtually, this program will provide you with one-on-one guidance and critique, and can cover the full range of calligraphic skills, including:

  • improving the consistency and beauty of your lettering
  • creating decorated capitals
  • incorporating color into your calligraphy
  • gilding
  • utilizing multiple sizes of lettering in you layout
  • creating layouts and strong compositions
  • creating a hand lettered manuscript
  • drawing and painting medieval beasts
  • drawing and painting medieval herbs, medicines and flowers

Skill Level
The Calligraphy Independent Study program is geared to students with a familiarity of basic calligraphic concepts (pen angle and pen scale) and some experience using a dip pen.

The curriculum is open and can include nearly any aspect of calligraphy. The intention is to build on your existing skills, improve consistency in lettering, and introduce you to more advanced techniques, ultimately creating professional looking calligraphy.


If you have questions, email or call (781) 740-9000. 

Additional information

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Because this is completely customized learning, scheduling is flexible. Based upon your desired project or goal and your current skill level, Maryanne will make a recommendation on the frequency and number of sessions and arrange a meeting schedule with you. Generally, virtual meetings will be one-hour segments and will be a combination of instruction and demo. At the end of each meeting you’ll receive an assignment designed to build your skills.


A detailed discussion regarding supplies will be part of the registration conversation, but minimum requirements are:
  • Multiple sizes of calligraphy dip-pens and holders
  • Ink
  • .3 mm or .5 mm mechanical pencil
  • Drafting table /light box
  • Drafting tape
  • Drafting vellum (or tracing vellum, not tracing paper)
  • Selection of Gouache
  • Calligraphy paper and/or high quality art paper
  • Ordinary yellow (i.e. Dixon Ticonderoga) pencil
  • White plastic eraser
  • T-square
  • Comfortable work area with good lighting


I’m a beginner. Can I participate in the Independent Study program? Calligraphers with some experience will benefit the most from Calligraphy Independent Study. For those interested in calligraphy but without experience, please consider one of the general calligraphy workshops offered through The Abbey Studio, such as Intro to Italic or Copperplate Script, to start your journey, which will provide a solid foundation of calligraphic skill. Will the sessions be recorded? Most sessions will be recorded and the recording will be available to you for one week. Will Independent Study packages be offered in person? Currently all sessions are offered virtually via Zoom. When Covid safety protocol recommendations allow in-person meetings, we will reassess the offering format.