Calligraphy Kit – Gilding


Calligraphy Kit for workshops related to gilding.

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Items included in this Kit are shown below.  If you wish to order individual items, please contact us at (781) 740-9000 or to place an order for those items by phone. Items can be shipped or picked up at our store at 84 Washington Street, Marblehead, MA.

high quality art paper such as Saunders Waterford 90# ($9)
mixing brush ($4)
fine pointed pen, such as a crow quill ($12)
ink ($8)
agate burnisher ($65)
several leaves of 23K gold leaf ($28)
tracing vellum ($30)
No. 2 pencil ($2)
drafting tape ($8)
white plastic eraser ($2)
wide broad-edged nib and pen holder ($22)
Optional: miniatum gilding size ($20) – see link below and add to your cart if you wish to purchase it

Additional supplies needed for The Abbey Studio's gilding-related workshops (available in most art supply stores):
acrylic gesso
small mixing bowl
high quality watercolor brush - extra fine (such as Winsor & Newton Series 7 No. 00)
gold paint or ink such as Winsor & Newton metallic gold
gouache (optional)

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