The Abbey Studio’s Holiday Card Contest 2023

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12:00 pm

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The Abbey Studio & Shop

TO VIEW THIS YEAR’S HOLIDAY CARDS, CLICK HERE. To submit a card into the contest, view the information below. You can also view a summary video here: (Video courtesy of MHTV, Marblehead TV, Marblehead, MA.)

We have held a Holiday Card Contest for the past five years and it has always been a lot of fun, so we’re welcoming it back again this year for a sixth time. Viewing the beautiful handmade cards brightens everyone’s holiday spirit!

If you would like to provide a card for our contest and you are located nearby, you can drop off your card at our shop (shop hours: Tuesday through Sunday, noon to 5:00). Or, you can mail your entry to: The Abbey Studio, 84 Washington Street, Marblehead, MA 01945. Please be sure to include your email address so that we can contact you.

All entries will be numbered and posted in our shop window for all to cast their vote for their favorite card(s) if they wish. We’ll also post them on our Facebook page and on our website. The winning card will receive a $100 gift card to The Abbey Studio. Use of calligraphy is encouraged but not required. Cards must be received by noon (US Eastern time) on December 30 (this date is an extension from an earlier date). Don’t be shy – it’s great fun! Details are below.

To view the cards submitted to the contest so far this year, click here. (Voting continues until 3 pm [US Eastern time] on December 31. The winning card’s artist will be announced on our Facebook page and in our January e-newsletter.)

Holiday Card Contest – Details

Cards must arrive at The Abbey Studio by noon on December 30!

– Entries into The Abbey Studio’s Holiday Card Contest should be brought or mailed to The Abbey Studio, 84 Washington St., Marblehead, MA 01945. Everyone is eligible to bring or send a card to The Abbey Studio to participate in our Holiday Card Contest. You do not have to be local to our Marblehead, Massachusetts, Studio & Shop. All skill levels are welcome. Be sure to include your name, address, and your email address.

– Cards will become the property of The Abbey Studio, unless you make arrangements for your card to be returned to you (see below).

– Entries into our Holiday Card Contest should be hand crafted. That is, at least one element of the design must be original and created (drawn, painted, lettered, composed, etc.) by the designer. Cards can be created by hand or created electronically. Cards can have or use other non-handmade elements. Cards entered into the contest can be originals or printed/reproduced.

– Cards are not required to feature calligraphy, but we encourage designers to try their hand at it!

– Cards may feature or celebrate any holiday or event, or even the winter season itself; generally it’s fun if it takes place any time during the entire winter season.

– Cards will be displayed at our Marblehead Studio & Shop. Photos of the cards also will be posted on The Abbey Studio’s Facebook page ( and on this page on our website.

– The front of the card will be the primary visual element for purposes of contest voting. If you have multiple copies of your card available (such as if you had it printed), and both the FRONT and the INSIDE of your card are integral to the design of your card, you can consider sending us TWO copies of your card. This will allow us to display both the front and the inside of your card in our shop’s window, so the voting public can see both parts of the card. Where the inside is integral to the design, we will try to photograph it for our Facebook page and our website and include it with the photo of the front of the card. Decorated envelopes, if provided, will not be included for purposes of voting.

– By entering our contest, you are providing your implicit permission for us to use your card or an image of your card in these locations, as well as on our website, and in our emails and/or email newsletter. If you win a prize, you are providing implicit permission for us to post your name in these locations as well.

– Visitors to the Studio and Shop will be able to vote for their favorite card(s) in our shop. Viewers on The Abbey Studio’s Facebook page will be able to vote for their favorites by leaving a comment on any post featuring the cards entered into the contest. Visitors to the designated page on our website may view the contest’s cards there and may vote for their favorites by sending an email to: These votes will determine a “winner” in the contest.

– To be included in the contest’s voting process, cards must be received by noon (US Eastern time) on December December 30 (this date is an extension from an earlier date). Voting will continue until 3 pm (US Eastern time) on December 31 and voting results will be announced in our January newsletter (expected to be emailed on January 1) and on our Facebook page. Cards will be on display until after the voting ends, and may continue to be on display up to mid-January.

– If you are voted as the contest winner, you will be able to select $100 in products, art supplies, workshops, and/or artwork at our Marblehead Studio & Shop. You do not need to be present locally. If you want materials shipped to you, the cost of shipping will be deducted from the $100 contest award.

– If you would like your card returned to you, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for that purpose. Or, plan to stop by our shop to pick up your card. Otherwise, we’ll keep your card in our collection.

– Be sure to include your name, your contact information, and your email address when you send/bring your card. Prior to voting, artists’ names will not be revealed to the voting public. After voting ends, the artists’ names may be revealed.

– While not anticipated, the management of The Abbey Studio reserves the right to use its sole discretion to omit cards it may deem non-qualifying from the contest for any reason, to ensure appropriateness for public viewing and fairness to the contest’s other card designers.

  • The Abbey Studio & Shop
  • 84 Washington Street
  • Marblehead
  • MA
  • 01945
  • USA

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  • 12/24/2023 12:00 pm
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