Eight Ways to Stay Happy and Busy During Social Distancing


We’ve all been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and many of us are really feeling the cabin fever. So we’ve compiled a list of eight calligraphic things you can do to help you stay entertained and feed your interest in calligraphy. We know calligraphy can be very therapeutic. Most of us can use something to make us feel better right now! Take a look … we think you’ll enjoy it.

Take a Trip to Europe

OK, it’s only a virtual trip, but still! Most museums that have illuminated manuscripts in their collections have large portions (or even all) of the collection digitized and available for viewing online. Have you seen the Book of Kells? A Gutenberg Bible? A Medieval Herbal? Check out the links that follow, or do a little searching on your own. You’ll be amazed what you can view in the comfort of your own living room! The Book of Kells The Gutenberg Bible A Medieval Herbal And just for fun, search through the British Library’s “Turning the Pages” system for viewing an amazing assortment of books in their collection by clicking or tapping here.

Brush Up on Your Handwriting

Are you one of the people I hear saying their handwriting has deteriorated over the years? Why not take advantage of the time you must stay at home and practice? It just takes a little slowing down and concentrating. Send an email to info@theabbeystudio.com and we’ll send you a pdf of our cursive alphabet shown here. Handwriting exemplar

Teach your Kids Calligraphy

Looking for something to keep the kids occupied while the schools are closed? Let them try calligraphy! Depending on their age, it might be best to start them with calligraphy markers and eliminate the risk of spilled ink on the dining room table. We have marker sets available for purchase and will happily ship them! Contact us at info@theabbeystudio.com for the details.

Write a Letter

Do you remember what a delightful surprise it is to open the mailbox and find a handwritten letter from someone special? In the age of electronic communication, it is a fulfilling activity – for the writer and for the recipient. Give it a try!

Read a Book About Christine de Pizan

Did you know Christine, who lived in the late 14th and early 15th centuries, was a scribe and author? Widowed at a young age, she supported herself, her three children, and her mother with her books and scribal arts. The image is of Christine being awakened by three allegorical characters (Reason, Rectitude, and Justice) and being told to pick up her pen and write! An Introduction to Christine de Pizan by Nadia Margolis, which can be ordered online, is a great place to start.

Make a Sweet Gift

Maybe you are sharing tight quarters with someone these days. Wouldn’t it be nice to let them know how much you appreciate them? A few simple words is all it takes!

Try Your Hand at Painting

You don’t have to create a masterpiece to get pleasure out of an artistic endeavor. Remember: the joy is In the making.

Stretch Yourself

Try a new lettering style or technique while you are confined to quarters. How about cadels? You have probably seen these decorative letters that are made by using multiple pen strokes to create each element of the letter. Give it a try! If you google “cadel” you will find lots of images, or you can email info@theabbeystudio.com and we’ll send a pdf of some samples and beginning instructions. These can be trying times, but also a great opportunity to get in touch with your creative side while adhering to safe health practices. Embrace kindness, and we’ll leave you with these words, the Fruits of the Spirit –

Fruits of the Spirit – Maryanne Grebenstein, Scribe

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