2018 Classroom Abroad Payment Schedule


The deposit and payment schedule for The Abbey Studio’s 2018 Classroom Abroad is shown below. For your convenience, links are provided to the PayPal online payment function; just click the amount you wish to pay.

If you wish to send payment for a different amount, or if you’d like to make future payments by credit card, please contact us.


Occupancy Non-refundable Deposit 2nd Payment Final Payment
Single Occupancy: $5,784 $200 by 5/15/18 $2,792 by 5/31/18 $2,792 by 7/19/18
Double Occupancy, per person: $5,284 $200 PP by 5/15/18 $2,542 PP by 5/31/18 $2,542 PP by 7/19/18

PayPal payment links:





Form to register by mail instead:

To download the form to register by mail and with a check instead, click here.



You will receive a written confirmation of your inclusion in the trip once your registration and deposit/payment have been received.


Please get in touch with us if you have any questions!