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We offer online and in-person workshops and events. View our full schedule below.

★ Study More, Save More! ★

Our workshops complement each other and build upon your skills. Register for TWO workshops at the same time and receive 10% off both. Register for THREE or more workshops at the same time and receive 20% off all of them! See details under each workshop. 

★ Calligraphy Certificate Program ★

The Abbey Studio is offering a 12-month Calligraphy Certificate Program, beginning in June 2023! All of our workshops are stand-alone learning experiences and can be enjoyed on an individual basis. But put them all together and our workshop offerings essentially constitute a year’s course in calligraphy and hand lettering. Beginning with the sessions concentrating on Italic lettering, Copperplate Script, and Uncial, we’ll gradually work into the very important step of beginning your calligraphic piece with pencil and working toward an effective layout. We’ll then begin concentrating on the various forms of decorated letters and how to create and execute everything from a drawn Roman capital to a large Lombardic decorative capital, enhanced with raised gold leaf. The final workshop will pull together all the skills that have been acquired during the preceding 10 months. Anyone completing all the workshops will receive a Certificate of Completion. Participants receive a 20% discount on all courses. More information will be posted this week.

Guided Independent Study ($300)

Interested in one-on-one calligraphy lessons? Enroll in guided independent study for one-on-one instruction in calligraphy on a topic of your choice. Includes 4 sessions.