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The Geometry Book of Lydia Bishop

Created in 1797 by 13-year old Lydia Bishop, this book is a 22-page manuscript of geometry written out when Lydia was a student at Mr. Wyman’s School in Medford, Massachusetts.

Old Documents and Bindings

By Maryanne Grebenstein – I took a group to London and Cambridge this past February/March to view manuscripts and participate in a workshop in Cambridge. While in Cambridge, we came upon a wonderful antiquarian bookseller’s shop called G. David. I purchased a few old...

Golden Rule for Book Design

By Maryanne Grebenstein – True confession: I’m a total traditionalist. Although I have a great appreciation for the fun and spontaneity of a wild, modern layout that runs off the page, in my own work I like to stick to the classics. I enjoy using historic examples as...

A Medieval-Style Binding

By James Reid-Cunningham – When Maryanne Grebenstein asked me to bind her manuscript by Christine de Pizan, I immediately thought that the binding should reflect the period of the author’s life. The challenge was that the manuscript is only a few leaves, while most...

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