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How to Hold a Calligraphy Pen

This article about pen angle will give you insight into how to use a calligraphy pen, starting with how to hold a calligraphy pen for best results.

Eight Ways to Stay Happy and Busy During Social Distancing

We’ve all been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and many of us are really feeling the cabin fever. So we’ve compiled a list of eight calligraphic things you can do to help you stay entertained and feed your interest in calligraphy.

A Different Kind of Lettering Project

A typical calligraphy project for me consists of using a dip pen with ink and writing on high-quality art paper or calfskin vellum. But recently a job came my way utilizing completely different materials.

The Geometry Book of Lydia Bishop

Created in 1797 by 13-year old Lydia Bishop, this book is a 22-page manuscript of geometry written out when Lydia was a student at Mr. Wyman’s School in Medford, Massachusetts.
Fooling the Eye

Fooling the Eye

By Maryanne Grebenstein – You may have experienced something like this: You walk into a restaurant that is housed in a...

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